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OneBuxx is a fast, secure, seamless and cost-effective solution that enables you to digitize all traditional banking processes and services.


OneBuxx is Better. Here's Why…

Our Digital Banking system utilizes comprehensive front-to-back services, and is rugged enough to meet different financial requirements whether for new or existing banks and financial institutions.

Cutting Edge Services

Leverage the power of OneBuxx engine real time to provide a better, faster, and more seamless customer experience with digital payments.

Reliable Product

Rely on our industry-proven solution to handle your Customers transactions with high availability, scalability, and security.

More time-to-market

Respond to your customers' ever-changing expectations with a faster response time. You get more time to market your new products and services to customers while remaining within both your and your customers' comfort zones.

Accessibility and cost benefits

Allow your customers access to common and complex banking functions/transactions 24/7 from their comfort zone in turn, cuts down your cost of operations & resources & saves your customer their time and money.

Solution tailored to your needs

Implement only the components or packages you require and choose the optimal implementation method for you, from software licensing to outsourcing business processes.

Quick & Easy Integration

With OneBuxx, you can easily and very quickly integrate with other third-party services as well as perform quick customizations as it suits your brand.

The Future of
Banking is OneBuxx

68% of African banks intend to increase their retail banking digital transformation spending over the next year.
Source - African Banker

In 2020, 24.7 million people used digital banking services globally. By 2024, it is anticipated that this number will rise by 80 to 130 million, reaching an estimated 43 billion dollars by 2026.
Source - Sopra Banking Summit

OneBuxx is making this possible by delivering a seamless experience for both front and Backoffice digital operations covering different core banking functionalities.


Core Feaures

Easy, Fast, Secure

Leverage the powerful features of OneBuxx engine real time to provide a better, faster, secure, and more seamless customer experience with digital banking and other activities.

100% Self-Onboarding

OneBuXX self onboarding is an automated process available 24/7, that helps your customers register a new account in the shortest space of time with no need to visit bank branches.

Mobile Wallet Creation

Unlike any other, OneBuXX wallet offers the best user experience when onboarding new users and introducing them to its features. Our mobile wallet includes a Loyalty and Reward Scheme that will assist you in growing organic Customers.

Account Management

OneBuXX is designed to enable your customers to seamlessly self-manage their accounts, in turn increasing your daily customer management efficacy. Your customer can take a wide range of actions.

Card, Check & Token Management

WIth OneBuXX your customers can manage their cards, checks & Token at the comfort of their homes. They can carry out: Instant debit card request, Card pin change Block / Unblock Cards, Setup Alerts, Set Transaction Limits on Debit Cards, Enable Travel Notices, Increase ATM transaction limit, Check request & Stop cheque, Hard token request, ATM & Branch Location

Personal Finance Manager

OneBuXX PFM improves peoples financial lives by creating healthy financial habits over time. For past clients we have perfected highly engaging PFM solutions that build long-term loyalty through a delightful customer experience.

Bills Payment

OneBuXX allows automatic payments for recurring bills (e.g. electricity, water, broadband, insurance, loans, etc.) to help Customers pay on time and alleviate the mental load of thinking about these obligations.


The OneBuXX lifestyle is a one-stop solution offering your customers a full-featured Digital app with all retail banking features for the customer's entire lifestyle needs. It is tightly integrated with third party merchants, resulting in a seamless user experience for lifestyle features

Biometrics Features

OneBuXX Biometrics is known to have an error-free functionality,flawless design and user-friendly features. Our powerful Biometric Authentication offers your Customers ease of use, enhanced security, privacy protection and Payment Authorization.


Case Studies

OneBuXX is the engine that currently drives Bloom Bank Africa Digital Banking efforts (Gambia). Bloom Bank is a leading bank in the Gambia that is digitally driven in its services and product of offerings. With OneBuxx, they have been able to help their customers self-onboard, transact and grow their business and services.

OneBuXX is the engine that currently drives Taj Bank's digital banking efforts via the Taj Way app (Nigeria). TAJ Bank is Nigeria's most innovative non-interest bank, leveraging OneBuxx to seamlessly and fully self-service the customer onboarding and verification process within minutes.


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